What Kouga is Known For

Bio-diversity & Topography

The area is characterized by its extreme landscape due to the region’s high geological topographic and climate diversity. The colourful cliffs and rock formations are characteristic of the predominant hard sandstone.

Kougaview’s geography consists of sandstone formations, deep gorges, bush veldt, mountain terrain and valleys all on a lush 800 hectares.

The Game on the Farm

We have a variety of animals roaming the farm; which includes Giraffe, Buffalo, Kudu, Eland, Gemsbok, Rooihartebees, Zebra, Waterbuck, Springbuck, just to mention a few.

Although rare, the Baviaans is known for the leopards, which still roam freely and have been seen to make their way onto the farm

Its Views

Being so spectacularly perched that you’ll feel as though you could embrace the whole Kouga and Baviaans mountain ranges and capture an ambiance of uninterrupted views.

Understated by the word “breathtaking”, with its mountains, hills, valleys and no human activity in sight.


Deep gorge inlets create the perfect environment for hiking and exploring, stirring a sense of soul enrichment and adventure.


Due to location, northern slope and positioning above sea level, Kougaview makes for a never-to-be forgotten star gazing experience.

Kouga Features